I'm Anthony Jones

I'm a UK based qualified and Government trusted electrician.

I run two businesses called Wandle Electrical Services and the London Electric Radiator Company.

I set this blog up to help people save money on their heating bills.


Why this blog?

It helps me stay on top of changes. I also like to think that if you help others, it comes back. My aims is to:

  • Help others save money electric bills.
  • Provide independent advice.
  • Cut through confusion.
  • Help you make an informed purchase.


What I can help with

Pretty much anything electrical, but here are few things you might want to know?

  • Honest advice on the best radiators/heaters for your home.
  • Installation and maintenance tips.
  • Advice on lowering your energy consumption.
  • Information on Solar, home batteries, insulation, etc.