Your electric heating & energy saving questions answered

I'm Anthony. I offer free electric heating help and money saving advice.  There are no catches. Your questions help me improve this blog.


Electric heating is confusing

The choice of electric radiators alone is staggering.

Over the years I have talked to thousands of homeowners and landlord about their heating needs.

I created this blog for those who want simple, independent energy saving advice.

How Home Heating Is Changing

Central heating was first Implemented in the UK by William Strutt in the 1800’s. His…

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How much does electric Heating Cost to Run?

A question I get asked frequently is how much does electric heating cost to run?…

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Which Electric Heating Type is Best For My Home?

I have been asked this question countless times and there isn’t a quick, easy answer.…

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Electric Heating Mistakes That Will Increase Your Bills

It’s easy to make mistakes with electric heating. Below are the main ones. 10 heating…

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