How much does electric Heating Cost to Run?

A question I get asked frequently is how much does electric heating cost to run? Obviously, it depends how you use it.

You can do a basic calculation yourself

You may need to go to your supplier and find out how much you are paying per KWH for electricity.
Mine is 30p per KWH at the moment April 2022. That 30p will power a 1kilowatt radiator for 1hour at full power. Many modern radiators have cores/thermal fluid so will continue to heat for a period after turned off.

As an example

if you had 2 x 2kw and 1 x 1kw heaters on in your home for 4 hours a day, then the following calculation would apply:

5Kw x 30p = £1.50 per hour. So if you had them all on for 4 hours a day, it would be:

4 (hours) x £1.50 = £6 per day (£180 ish a month).

So electricity can be costly as a home heating source. Modern radiators with accurate controls can save you some money when used correctly.

Insulation and decent doors and window are also highly recommended.