Aeroflow German Clay Core Radiators


These heaters are similar in a lot of ways to clay core heaters offered by Fischer Heat, Elkatherm etc They provide really good heating option in even the coldest of spaces.

They are heavy, I like the clean look to them and don’t think they look disimilar to traditional radiators.  The style doesn’t appeal to some people and the controls need a bit of time to get used to.

The APP is OK, if a little glitchy.  IOS updates seem to take time.

As with all electric radiators the efficiency is much improved in a properly.

Key Radiator Ratings

Heating Speed

Aeroflow heaters start to deliver good heat to the room in 20-25 minutes.

Thermostatic Control

The controls are side mounted so can cause problems where space is limited or the user struggles to get down low.

There is a lot of functions and options on this heater and the scrolling through menus can be a bit confusing at first. There are some videos on YouTube that can help.

You can purchase a WIFI gateway and use the Aeroflow app. This allows the radiator(s) to be controlled remotely and temperatures and on/off schedules to be set from an armchair not squatted down by the heater.

Ease of use

The first thing to note about these radiators is that they are very heavy and you need 2 people to safely move all of the larger models.

The weight of the heaters can also cause an inexperienced installer problems on some types of wall.

They are simple to use with the in built thermostat.  The timer function requires a bit of time to get used to but it is logical and does the job well.


We will be testing these heaters in the future and sharing our findings.

Electric Radiator features

  • No maintenance
  • Fully controllable
  • No fuel storage required
  • Only pay for energy as its used
  • No smells
  • No exhaust gases
  • Simple installation
  • Fully automatic controls
  • Ideal conservatory heater
  • Available wall mounted or free standing
  • 30 Year guarantee ( 2 years guarantee on the thermostats )
  • High Performance
  • Absolutely no servicing costs
  • Long lifespan ensured by quality materials and excellent construction
  • Available in any colour to suit the décor of the property.

Radiator Summary

I am a fan of these heaters and I know them well as I have some in my own home.  They deliver good heat, offer good controllability and look fine.  The app could be improved and the side mounted controls can be problematic to some users.