Terma LEO towel rails

Terma LEO towel rails

This is a well made standard chrome towel rail.  It comes ready filled with ‘thermal fluid’ and with a wide choice of elements.  Our pick of elements is the Moa IR (infra red), this has a wall mounted thermostat/timer making controlling it a doddle.   The larger models have the wattage to provide good heating as we as drying towels.

Key Radiator Ratings

Heating Speed

This does vary depending on the element power but around 20 minutes on average.

Thermostatic Control

The Moa IR element and TTIR controller work accuratley to give the control most towel rail owners dream of!

Ease of use

Very easy to use with the moa IR element


The lower wattages mean power consumption is never huge.  The timing features allow efficiency through control.

Electric Radiator features

5-step temperature regulation within 30-60°C

built-in IR link

Low energy consumption in stand-by mode

Temperature sensor installed in the heating element

Double protection of heating element: against overheating and fire

very low power consumption in standby mode (<0.5W)

Heating element protection against dry functioning

ANTIFREEZE function, protection against temperatures below 5-7°C

Power cable in the colour of casing

2h drying function with a switch-off mode

Turn off timer

Radiator Summary

Well made towel radiator in a wide range of sizes and power.  Moa IR and DTIR controller makes it very easy to control.