Thermastore High Heat Retention Storage Heater

Thermastore High Heat Retention Storage Heater

HHR storage heaters offer some of the most efficient and economical electric heating around.  The Thermastore has great ‘Smart’ controls,  is bright matt white and has modern clean lines.  A totally different kettle of fish when compared to older storage heaters.   As a direct replacement for tired old storage heaters or if you are looking for a more ‘Green’ option to gas this is well worth a look.  Recognised by BRE on the SAP product database of HHR storage heaters.

Key Radiator Ratings

Heating Speed


Thermostatic Control

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Ease of use




Electric Radiator features

High heat retention storage heater with direct boost element
Steel construction with powder coated finish RAL9016
Heat storage core of ceramic blocks
Stainless steel heating elements
Fan assisted with quiet operation
Feet included
Tested in accordance with BS EN 60531:2000 Clause 10 for high heat retention
7 hour charge.
Thermostat controlled room temperature
Thermal safety switches
Single cable input for charging and direct element boost
Large format, high resolution TFT screen with black & white or colour option
Charge indicator shows current charge status
Wireless RF electronics for linking to USB hub for app control
Simple and intuitive programming
Easy use and weekly program operating modes.
Frost Protection, Eco and Comfort temperatures.
Boost function.
Open window detection function.
Early activation function learns when the heater should switch on for best energy saving
Intelligent electronic charge management based on core temperature and ambient temperature.
Can use one or two charge periods
Keypad lock.
Energy consumption and room temperature records.
Geolocation function to automatically reduce temperature when away from home
Temperature sensor with 0.1 ºC precision.
Optional control through App.
Optional voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google home

Multilink USB WiFi hub:

Allows you to connect up to 31 heaters on the same network.
Maximum distance 200m in open air, 30m with 2-3 walls indoors.
The heaters form a ring subnet as each emitter acts as a signal repeater.
A signal can be retransmitted up to 4 times therefore we achieve greater distances.

Radiator Summary