Which Electric Heating Type is Best For My Home?

I have been asked this question countless times and there isn’t a quick, easy answer. Different lifestyles, types of home and building types all have different requirements.

Here’s some considerations when choosing an electric heating and hot water system:

  1. Do you live at the property?
    It’s most likely it is your home, but you may be a landlord or Air BNB host. This may mean your requirements are different.
  2. Are you in during the day most days?
    Young families, home-workers and retirees are in this group and they need an economical and robust heating solution.
  3. Would remote/app control be useful?
    If you are out at work all day, turning the heating on/off remotely can lead to some good savings.
  4. How well insulated is the property?
  5. Does the home have double glazing?
  6. Are solar panels an option in your home?
  7. Would a home battery offer you any savings?
  8. What do you have in place at the moment?

If you wanted to send me the answers to these questions, I would be happy to offer some advice on the best option for you.  Email me at Anthony@wandle-elec.co.uk.